From the time I started my first administrative assistant job while in high school, my coworkers and employers continually made the comment that “you should be in design work, you have a knack for layouts.”  Even my friends laughed and called me the “Form Queen” because I was always coming up with a form to streamline processes and business functions.  I just loved it. Combine that with an artistic eye and I was a graphic designer in the waiting.

In 1992, while working as a administrative correctional officer for the North Carolina Department of Corrections, I decided to make a dramatic career change.  I pooled all my resources, bought a computer and graphic design programs and started my own graphic designs business, Davis Designs.  My first piece of artwork was my husband’s electric Fender Stratocaster guitar, which incorporated every tiny screw, string, bolt and dial.  I was amazed that I could draw a piece of artwork like that guitar with a mouse and a screen.  I was totally hooked.

In 2004, I opened a retail angel store in Louisburg, NC called The Angel Loft Ministries.  It was an enormous undertaking and having limited experience in the retail sales arena, I was pretty much overwhelmed with the volume of work it entailed.  My vision was to take the sales from the angel store and establish an expectant mother’s home. Although the business never produced enough income to accomplish this dream, the dream still exists in my spirit and I will always look forward to the day that I can help to establish such an entity in my local community.  In order to reduce my workload at that time, I combined Davis Designs with The Angel Loft Ministries and now I operate all my branches under The Angel Loft Ministries umbrella.

The computer design business has come a long, long way since 1992 when I was coding forms from scratch using DOS commands.  Going with the flow of commerce and the internet boom, I added website design to my repertoire and I now have an overwhelming passion for it.

My designs are artwork creations customized to each individual customer’s preferences and specifications.  In other words, your vision is my vision.

The Angel Loft Ministries is completely focused upon customer satisfaction.  What you want is what you get and it is my joy in life to help my customers succeed and grow in their businesses.

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